What is Difference Between SQL and T-SQL

MS SQL Server

1) SQL is a Structured Query Language.It is developed by IBM.

TSQL is the Transact SQL.It is implementation of SQL Server. Developed by Microsoft.

2) SQL is a query language to operate on sets.

TSQL is a proprietary procedural language used by Microsoft.

3) SQL is a language for talking to the database,It used to select data,mutable and create database
objects,and change the database settings.

T-SQL is the extention for SQL used by SQL Server.

4) SQL is the set of sqls are submitted individually to the database server.
T-SQL is the batch program has written where in all commands are submitted to server in a single goes.

5) SQL is a one programming language that are focuses on managing relational database.This is used to managing and controlling data and very important in business where large amount of information are stored about product.

T-SQL adds number of features that are not available in SQL. Includes procedural programming elements and local variable to provide flexible control of how the application flows.

6) SQL is not Turing complete and it is very limited in the scope of what they can do.

These additions makes T-SQL comply with Tiring completeness test, test that determine the universality of
a computing language.

7) In SQL, DELETE and UPDATE commands that are already available.

With T-SQL, the DELETE and UPDATE command both allows the inclusion of a FROM clause which
allows the use of JOINs.