RAC Commands RAC Commands

Oracle RAC

Cluster Related Commands
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crs_stat -t Shows HA resource status (hard to read)
crsstat Ouptut of crs_stat -t formatted nicely
ps -ef|grep d.bin crsd.bin evmd.bin ocssd.bin
crsctl check crs CSS,CRS,EVM appears healthy
crsctl stop crs Stop crs and all other services
crsctl disable crs* Prevents CRS from starting on reboot
crsctl enable crs* Enables CRS start on reboot
crs_stop -all Stops all registered resources
crs_start -all Starts all registered resources


  • These commands update the file /etc/oracle/scls_scr//root/crsstart which contains the string ìenableî or ìdisableî as appropriate.

Database Related Commands

srvctl start instance -d -i Starts an instance
srvctl stop instance -d -i Stops an instance
srvctl status instance -d -i Checks an individual instance

srvctl start database -d Starts all instances
srvctl stop database -d Stops all instances, closes database
srvctl status database -d Checks status of all instances

srvctl start service -d -s Starts a service
srvctl stop service -d -s Stops a service
srvctl status service -d Checks status of a service

srvctl start nodeapps -n Starts gsd, vip, listener, and ons
srvctl stop nodeapps -n Stops gsd, vip and listener


There are three main background processes you can see when doing a ps ñef|grep d.bin. They are normally started by init during the operating system boot process. They can be started and stopped manually by issuing the command /etc/init.d/init.crs {start|stop|enable|disable}



Once the above processes are running, they will automatically start the following services in the following order if they are enabled. This list assumes you are using ASM and have a service set up for TAF/load balancing.

1.The nodeapps (gsd, VIP, ons, listener) are brought online.
2.The ASM instances are brought online.
3.The database instances are brought online.
4.Any defined services are brought online.