18.Procedures Vs Functions

Procedures will be developed to business logicsFunctions will be developed to apply some calculations
Procedures will have 3 types of parameters  i.e.,  IN,  OUT,  IN OUTFunctions will have only IN parameters
Procedures can return more than one value using OUT parametersFunctions will always returns only value
Procedure may return value or notFunction should return value
Procedures cannot used with select, update, delete etc.,  (SQL Commands)Functions can be used using select/update/delete etc., (SQL Commands)
Procedure cannot assign to variableFunction can be assigned to a variable    (x:=add2nos(10,20)
Oracle Supplied package like DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE can be used in procedureOracle Supplied package like DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE cannot be used in functions
UPDATE/DELETE etc can be used in proceduresUPDATE/DELETE etc cannot be used in functions directly