How to Download Oracle Software Using WGET


Sometimes we need to download Oracle patches or software from a sever where we do not have GUI environment. Oracle provides wget utility for downloading the patches remotely. Below are the steeps you can use the patches by using wget utility.

1) Search the patch you want to download:

2)Click ìWGET Optionsî and then click on ìDownload.shî. Save script.

3)Edit by specifying the variables with right values as shown below :

SSO username and password

[email protected]

Path to wget command

WGET=”/usr/bin/wget –no-check-certificate –secure-protocol=TLSv1 “
Content of script before modification.

4)Run script

5) script will download the requesyed patches. You can check crosscheck correct size of the pacthes using the checksum mentioned in the download page.

wget –[email protected] –http-password=ENTERYOURPASSWORD “[email protected]&” -O –no-check-certificate