Essential tools for MySQL DBA

  1. Percona Toolkit
    Percona Toolkit (aka Maatkit and Aspersa) is must have collection of advanced command-line tools which helps in performing tasks that are too difficult or complex to perform manually.
  2. Mydumper
    Mydumper is a high-performance multi-threaded backup/restore tool for MySQL. Itís up to 10x faster compared to mysqldump, can take consistent snapshots and provides File compression on-the-fly. Though itís still under active development but is well tested/used in production on some large installations.
  3. MySQL Master HA
    This tool helps to maintain your Master-Slave replication setup. A primary objective is automating master fail-over and slave promotion within short (usually 10-30 seconds) downtime, without suffering from replication consistency problems. It provides automated and manual master monitoring, fail-over and switching as well.
  4. ESF Database Migration Toolkit
    This toolkit enables you to smoothly migrate in between completely different database formats. How to migrate from IBM DB2 to MySQL easily? ESF Database Migration Toolkit will help you!
  5. Xtrabackup
    An excellent tool from Percona. It performs nonblocking/live backups and is the only free, open source tool that can do that.
  6. Mycheckpoint
    The key objective which this tool fulfill amazingly is to monitor MySQL thoroughly, from monitoring variables to detecting changes that can lead to issues, it does all this smoothly. Recommended tool for your MySQL monitoring infrastructure. ajaxMyTop ( is another worthy Web-based tool featuring AJAX User Interface for monitoring a MySQL server.
  7. Web based GUI Tools to manage MySQL
    For light-weight quick tasks, SIDU is my favorite tool. People having Windows will find HeidiSQL very useful to manage MySQL, in fact, In my opinion, this is better than popular PhpMyAdmin which looks slow comparatively and have less features. I like Navicat a lot but itís paid, SQLyog is also worthy which is though paid but a community edition exist here.

Which one is your favorite tool to manage MySQL and why? Any worthy tool that I missed here? Please put your comment below.