Steps To Generate AWR Report

Performance Tuning

Step 1: Go to $ORACLE_HOME.

Step 2: Once in $ORACLE_HOME go to cd rdbms and then cd admin.

Step 3: Run command ‘ls –al awr*’.

Step 4: Go to ‘sqlplus /nolog’.

Step 5: In sqlplus the following is run ‘SQL> @awrrpt.sql. Select the format for the
report as either ‘HTML’ or ‘TEXT’.

Step 6: Select number of days you want to go back or just hit enter for listing all
completed snapshots.

Step 7: Then specify Begin and End snapshot Ids.

Step 8: Here you specify the name of the report or select the default name assigned.

Step 9: The report gets generated.

Step 10: Exit SQLPLUS.

Step 11: Run command ls –ltr to show the new file created under the path: