SCAN IP and SCAN Name (Single Client Access Name) 11gR2 RAC

Oracle RAC

SCAN IP and SCAN Name (Single Client Access Name) 11gR2
> In 10g and 11gR1 during node additions and deletions, we need to modify the service entries
manually.To overcome this problem in 11gR2 oracle has introduced scan name and scan IP’s.
> Irrespective of the no.of nodes, oracle recommends to have 3 scan IP’s with a single scan name
which will be resolved to any of the scan IP in round robin manner.

Note:subnet mask of public IP,Virtual IP and Scan IP should be same

>During Grid Infrastructure installations, for every scan ip oracle creates one scan vip and scan

> scan vip and scan listener forms a pair .

> scan ip can be placed either in /etc/hosts or DNS Server.

Service entries in 11gR2

———————————————————- lnx01 lnx02 lnx01-priv lnx02-priv lnx01-vip lnx02-vip cluster-scan cluster-scan cluster-scan

DNS Entries

localhost IN A
dns IN A
lnx01 IN A
lnx02 IN A
lnx01-vip IN A
lnx02-vip IN A
cluster-scan IN A

In RAC Nodes
#vi /etc/resolv.conf