RMAN Backup Views

The following Oracle dynamic views can be used to obtain RMAN information stored in the control file:
  •  V$ARCHIVED_LOG:    show which archives have been created, backed up, and      cleared in the database
  •  V$BACKUP_CORRUPTION:    show which blocks have been found to be corrupt during a backup of a backup set
  • V$BACKUP_DATAFILE:  useful for creating equal-sized backup sets by determining the number of blocks in each datafile. It can also help you find the number of corrupt blocks in the datafile
  •    V$BACKUP_DEVICE:   display information about supported backup devices. DISK is  not returned because it is always available
  •  V$BACKUP_FILES:   display information about all RMAN backups (image copies and backup sets) and archived logs. The view simulates the LIST BACKUP and LIST COPY commands
  •  V$BACKUP_PIECE:    show backup pieces created for backup sets 
  • V$BACKUP_REDOLOG:   show archived logs stored in backup sets
  •  V$BACKUP_SET :    show backup sets that have been created
  •  V$BACKUP_SPFILE:   display information about server parameter files in backup sets 
  • V$COPY_CORRUPTION:     show which blocks have been found to be corrupt during an image copy
  • V$DATABASE_BLOCK_CORRUPTION:    list database blocks marked as corrupt during the most recent RMAN backup 
  • V$RMAN_CONFIGURATION:    list information about RMAN persistent configuration settings
  • V$PROXY_ARCHIVEDLOG, V$PROXY_DATAFILE:     proxy settings for RMAN
  • V$BACKUP_ASYNC_IO, V$BACKUP_SYNC_IO:    backup performance statistics