RAC Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery RMAN

Backup and Recovery
>Full backup
>Incremental/Diffrential Backup
>Compressed Backup

Configuration Modes:

>No catalog

2.Physical Backup
>Cold Backup/offline backup/consistent backup
>Hot Backup/online/inconsistent

3.Logical Backup
Traditional Logical i.e;


Datapump Utilities

Note: If the database storage area loacation is ASM then only logical and RMAN backups
are possible.
>If the database storage are location is CFS all the above backups are possible.
>In a Rac system see that channels are equally distributed among all the instances.
>In some environments an instance is totally dedicated for RMAN backups.

example: OCR BACKUP
$ocrconfig -export (in 10g)
$ocrconfig -export (11g) Note:online backup is possible in RAC.
Voting disk
$dd command