Differences between STATSPACK and AWR

Performance Tuning

  1. AWR is the next evolution of statspack utility.
  2. AWR is the 10g NEW feature but statspack can still be used in 10g.
  3. AWR repository holds all the statistics available in statspack as well as some additional statistics which are not (10g new features).
  4. Statspack does not STORE the ASH statistics which are available in AWR dba_hist_active_sess_history VIEW.
  5. Important difference between both is STATSPACK doesn’t store history for new metric statistics introduced in Oracle 10g.The key AWR views dba_hist_sysmetric_history  and  dba_hist_sysmetric_summary.
  6. AWR contains views such as dba_hist_service_stat,  dba_hist_service_wait_class and dba_hist_service_name.
  7. Latest version of statspack included with 10g contains a specific tables which track history of statistics that reflect the performance of Oracle streams feature. These tables are stats$streams_capture, stats$treams_apply_sum, stats_buffered_subscribers, stats$rule_set.
  8. The AWR does not contain specific tables that reflect oracle streams activity. Therefore if DBA relies on Oracle streams it would be useful to monitor its performance using Statspack utiity.
  9. AWR snapshots are scheduled every 60 minutes by default.
  10. Statspack snapshot purges must be scheduled manually but AWR snapshots are purged automatically by MMON every night.