Active Data Guard

Data Guard

Oracle Active Data Guard enhances the performance of production databases by offloading resource intensive operations to one or more standby databases, protecting interactive users and critical business tasks from the impact of long-running operations. Active Data Guard enables a physical standby database to be used for real-time reporting with minimal latency, and compared to traditional replication methods is simple to use, transparently supports all datatypes, and offers very high performance.

Oracle Active Data Guard enables read-only access to a physical standby database for queries, sorting, reporting, web-based access, etc., while continuously applying changes received from the production database.

Active Data Guard also enables the use of fast incremental backups when offloading backups to a standby database, and can provide additional benefits of high availability and disaster protection against planned or unplanned outages at the production site.


Physical Standby with Real-Time Query

Fast Incremental Backup on Physical Standby


  • Increase performance– Offload unpredictable workloads to an up-to-date replica of the production database
  • Simplify operations– Eliminate management complexity that accompanies traditional replication solutions
  • Eliminate compromise– The reporting replica is up to date and online at all times, which is not possible with traditional storage mirroring technology
  • Reduce cost– An Oracle Active Data Guard physical standby database can also provide disaster recovery and/or serve as a test database – no additional storage or servers required
  • Enables standby database for use of real-time reporting
  • Offloads backup operations
  • Insulates critical operations from unexpected system impacts
  • Provides high availability and disaster protection