11gR2 RAC New Features

Oracle RAC

> ASM has been integrated with clusterware binaries i.e; Grid
> Oracle has rearchitected grid infrastructures in to two stacks
1.Oracle High Availability Service stack
2.Cluster Ready Service Stack
> We cannot place OCR and Voting File in raw partitions (we can place in asm diskgroups).
> CTSS has been introduced to synchronise data and time.
> Oracle has introduced scan name and scan ip’s SCAN NAME and SCAN IP’S can be placed either in /etc/hosts or DNS Server.

NOTE: IF SCAN IPS’S are placed in /etc/hosts only one scan ip will be enabled, If placed in DNS all three will be enabled.

> SSH Configuration is automated
> we can start and stop all nodes in the cluster with a single command.
> Oracle has introduced SCAN LISTENER ,for every SCAN IP, it creates one scan VIP and one SCAN listener.