Upgrading from Oracle to

Patching and Upgradation

On this post I’d like to share with you how to install and setup the Oracle patch. This guide also applies for other patches and versions.

1 – Downloading the patch

Go to Oracle Metalink website (metalink.oracle.com) and login.

Click on “Patches & Updates” tab and search for patch number 6810189 as you can see below:

The search should bring the following result:

If your search retrieves too many results try filtering by the platform you’re looking for.

Download the file (if you are downloading from windows transfer it via FTP to the Linux OS you will perform the upgrade.

2 – Unzipping and Installing Patch

Since you have the file in the server you need, unzip the package as follows

unzip p6810189_10204_Linux-x86.zip

After unzipping the package, go to the directory Disk1/response and edit the response file patchset.rsp. Setup the ORACLE_HOME to your actual value and the OUI variables to False since it’s a silent installation.

Run the command below from the Disk1 directory:

. /runInstaller -silent -responseFile Disk1/response/patchset.rsp

3 – Startup database and running scripts

After installation completion login the database as sysdba (sqlplus / as sysdba) and startup the database in upgrade mode

SQL> startup upgrade

The database should start and you can run the upgrade script. This may take several minutes to run.


When finished shutdown the database and start it normally (startup command) and then run the script below to check if there’s any inactive object.


When the script completes the upgrade is done.

To check if the new patch is up and running when you login in sqlplus you should see something like this:

SQL*Plus: Release

That’s all. If you have any doubts please comment.