Manual Database Creation : Oracle10g on linux

Oracle 10g

Today we will see how to create Database Manually without using any DBCA

In my last session. I created a Database named VIDYA. How To check the name of the database?

a)Open Terminal
b) connect as sys
c) Issue following command
SQL> select name from v$database;

Steps to create Database called SAGAR:
1) Go to Directory named dbs. This Directory located generally Next to $ORACLE_HOME Directory
     a) The folder contains parameter files of database and password file of the current database.
     b) Now Create a pfile (parameter File) from SPfile (Sever parameter file)
     c) Follow the steps as shown in picture to create pfile from spfile.
2)  Now Edit parameter file using Vi command
     a) vi initSAGAR.ora
     b) Replace VIDYA with SAGAR in all lines as shown in figure
3) Create necessary Directories as shown in picture
4)  Make a directory called scripts and   write a script to create database
     a) follow as shown in picture
5) Write a script as shown in figure and save it in scripts folder
6) Now set environment
      a)Vi /etc/oratab
    c) Issue commands as shown in figure to set environment
7) start Oracle Instance.
    a) Issue the command  startup nomount; Because controls files hasn’t created yet.
8) Run Database  creation  script dbcreate.sql
9) No need to worry about following error. It’s because wrong name of undo tablespace try to re-run the script it will fix
10) After issuing command for run dbcreate.sql script. your new Database named SAGAR is created
11) check you  logged in on correct database by issuing following command
   a) select name from v$database;
 creating database manually without using DBCA is completed