How to Install VMWare tools (RHEL 4 machine) ?

1) Power On your Virtual Machine and Log in as a root user then click on VM tab and then click on Install
    VMWARE tools as shown in picture
2)  Now open terminal by giving right click on desktop
     Do the following steps
     $ cd /
     $ tar -zxvf /media/cdrecorder/VMWareTools version.tar.gz and press enter
        ( Here we are extracting zipped file)
3) Installing VMware tools
    $ cd vmware-tool–distrib/
    $ ./
4)     Click enter and then enter goes on.. until installation release the command line access 
5) Now close terminal and click on Action tab and then Log Out
6) Select Restart computer and then click on OK. After your computer gets reboot. 
     a) Log in as root user
     b) Click on Full-screen tab as show in figure
7) Now you are about completed installation of VMWARE tools on your Linux machine.. Now you can able to release mouse courser with out using ALT+CTL button and some other LAN purposes.