Create Database using DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant)

Oracle 10g
1) After completion of Oracle software installation. Log in as Oracle user
   a) open terminal
   b) type dbca as shown in picture.
   c) A new window will open to create a database, click next
2) Now mark on create database,
    and then click on next. You can see in picture two options under Create database option are not
    Highlighted, which I marked Green .
   Since we installed only Oracle software, as we don’t have even a single database those two options are
   not highlighted. We will see how to use those two options in our next sessions.
3) a) Tick on General purpose and click on next
    b) Give database name of your choice and click on next
4)  UN-MARK configure database using enterprise management
5) Give password of your own to your database and click on next
6) a) Now select File system and click next
      b) Mark second option and Give the path where datafiles you want to place as shown in picture and
         click next
7) Now flash recovery, simply click next and  finish and then OK. AS shown in figure
8) Now password assistant. click on EXIT. Now you are about to complete configuring database using
    a) Open terminal
    b)sqlplus / as sysdba
    c) After connected to Oracle, Issue below command
    d) select name from v$database;
    e) select name from v$controlfile;
    f) select name from v$datafile;
     Now you are about to completed creating database named vidya.
I will be back to you with another topic..