Cold Backups

Backup and Recovery

Today we will discuss about cold backups.  Most of the clients not using Cold backups. But at least you have to know about cold backups.
What are cold backups?
The backups what we take when the database is down, by using operating system commands.

1)  If the database is up and running, first shutdown the database. And make a directory called backups under /u01/directory

2) Now Move all physical files to backups  directory
3)  Now try to start database.
We are failed to start the database. Because there is no required files to start the database. As I said in my previous posts, When we issue the command STARTUP it reads SPFILE first and then check parameter in that and look for control files. Here we move all files to backups directory. So we are failed to start database
4) Now move all files to default directory and try to start the database..
We are done, we recover our database and start the database successfully.
At client side don’t remove physical file. If we are facing any difficulty in starting database. Remove that  particular file and restore it from backups folder. These backups not recommended, Most of the clients are not using cold backups, Most of people using Hot backups and backups using RMAN.